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Challenge: Pay It Forward Challenge - ( Closed )

Prize: $100 Value

Congrats Luyando Handia You are the winner of the Pay It Forward Challenge !!! We commend you for being a blessing to others and giving from your heart to those in need.

Hello Everyone,
With so much going on in the world and so many struggling and suffering I wanted the next promotion to connect people together and help others, I wanted something that would have us reflecting on our blessing and the things we are thankful for especially since this is the season for that, to challenge us to look around at the things going on in the world and right in our own backyards and taking a step no matter how small to lend a hand in some of those struggles or needs. No matter what we go through there is always someone out there worse off. No matter how little we have in one area we are plentiful in another area so that is the area in which we give the area that is plentiful even if its just our time. In giving it doesn't always mean break the bank or even go in your pocket or wallet at all but the simplest gesture can have the biggest affect on someone else's life. We leave fingerprints on lives that change them more than we know simply by paying it forward. Simply by extending a helping hand we can make a difference. A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Sometimes we don't know the magnitude of a gesture and how it affects someone else when to us it wasn't much at all . We often discard things that someone out there could use. Sometimes its so easy to walk right past because we are so busy with our own lives or because it doesn't affect us. But we want to pause and take a moment to give back and challenge you to do the same so take a moment and think of a way you can pay it forward with an act of kindness simply because you can and because you care.

Who can enter? ANYONE & EVERYONE. Minors need to have their parents permission. Businesses, Groups, Families, Individuals Everyone can come together and pay it forward to bless someone which is the main focus of this challenge. You can also spotlight and enter the act of someone else read below.

**UPDATE : You can also nominate/enter someone else that you think should be entered and spotlight their efforts to give back and help others, you just have to submit the same information required. And the challenge will be extended until 12/31/2012 at Midnight.

When does it end? It has already started and ends 12/31

How many times can I enter? You can enter it all together or you can enter with however many different pay it forward acts of kindness that you choose to do, You may choose to do one a day throughout the challenge, weekly or simply just once etc... but they must be different acts of kindness or be different families or group if the same type of act of kindness. For example you may adopt several families for the holidays each family would count as one as long as you submitted the info required. It can not be for anyone in your own household or close immediate family. Try to make it someone you don't know but its okay if you do know them as long as its not someone in your own household. If unsure about your entry contact about it prior to submitting it to ask any questions you have. So it doesn't matter if you do 1 or if you did 1 a day as long as you have followed the guidelines and have submitted each entry in correctly.

How do I submit my entry ?? That is simple... You are going to submit an image or photo. The image is up to you if you are a business you can use your logo and/or the product you gave, a family can use a shot of them getting the items ready or show the items etc... It can  also be a symbolic image that you saw online that even reflects or represents what you were trying to do or portray or it can be an image that is apart of the actual act of kindness itself in some way or could simple be a photo of you or the person you helped ( get permisson) .. You can make a photo collage as well if you want to show us multi shots of that entry.  Send me that photo in an email or my inbox. And be sure to tell me the following in the email which I will be putting in the pictures description.  What was your act of kindness? And I'd also like to know if you care to share how it affected you and/or them but that part is optional. And if you want to include a link you may add a link to ONE of your online networks of choice if you want.  Your entry will be uploaded into the challenge album.  

Do I need to do anything else? Yes, simply like and share the challenge album on your facebook ( and you can place it other place as well if you would like ). And hopefully it will encourage others to pay it forward to someone in need or just someone deserving. There are no sponsor pages or any other networking links to like, we would just simply like you to share and like the challenge album to bring more awareness and exposure to the challenge so hopefully others will join in and help some locals in their area.

So you :
1. Pay it forward with an act of kindness gesture.
2. Submit your entry with photo & text as described above to be entered into the challenge  album
3. Share and like the album <---Click
Thats it !!!

Grand prize: The winner will win a 4pc crochet set $100 value and a surprise bonus item. The set will contain a crochet hat, earrings, matching bag, and fingerless gloves.  The more entries you have the greater your chances to win. And each pay it forward act of kindness gets you another entry .

Email or Inbox your entry in . Put " Pay It Forward " in the subject line of all emails . Attach the photo and place your writeup in the body of the email.

Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. In accepting the prize(s), the winner acknowledges that Glam Squad Promotions/Glam Squad / Glam Squad Expo or The Naturally Beautiful hair group / events , on the journey back to me fitness group or the admin or creators of those groups may not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using these prize(s). This contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws. This contest is international. You must be 18 years of age or older or have your parents’ permission to enter. Each person may enter for prize 1 and for prize 2 one time each. Failure to respond or submit required information shall mean that the winner forfeits the prize. Information should be submitted within 72 hours of winner being announced. Items will be sent 1st class with delivery confirmation unless it is international and then it will be sent within the guidelines of sending a package to that area that is most cost effective for the sponsor.. Winners outside of the USA may have to pay the custom fees for products shipped from the United States. We are not responsible nor will items held or taken by customs be replaced. I reserve the right to alter , change, end, extend and throw in fun contest twists and additions with notifications listed or updated on video, audio and/or text I AM NOT LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, INJURY OR UNHAPPINESS TO PERSONS. This challenge is in no way associated with Face book, Twitter, or any other entity unless otherwise specified. This blog reserves the right to obtain names and email addresses and re post the photos submitted for entry into the contest , as well as the right to publicize the winner's names and photographs. All photos submitted must be family friendly and not have any copyright issues or you must have permission to submit them into the contest. Photos entered into the contest will also be used in promotions to promote and bring awareness regarding the challenge.. Challenge ends 12/31/2012 winner will be selected 1/1/2013 and the winner will hve 72 hours to submit her information in. The prize will be mailed directly from the vendor/sponsor within 4 to 6 weeks , and it could possibly arrive sooner.

If you want to submit your act of kindness in of what you did without entering the challenge you may submit your story  in to me with or without picture and I will post them up for others to see. If you have ever received such kindness tell us your story too.

Pay it forward ideas.... and stories of great acts of kindness that have been done prior
Need some pay it forward ideas? As people send suggestions we will add them to this list or to the challenge album. You can choose one from the list and alter it to fit your situation and resources or reading the list may inspire you to come up with one of your own. Its not about breaking the bank its about doing something from the heart.
Blessing Bags
  1. Blessing bags. Blessing bag are great to bless the homeless. They are especially needed in these cold winter months.
  2. Donate clothing items to a local shelter or to a family in need.
  3. Donate toys and games to a child who will have nothing for the holiday.
  4. Adopt a family for Thanksgiving
  5. Adopt a family for Christmas
  6. Are you a service provider? Bless someone deserving or in need with your service.
  7. Check freecycle or craigslist that tend to have alot of request post for items this time of year.
  8. Give of your time at a place that will be serving the public this for the holiday
  9. Treat a co worker to lunch , I remember I worked with a lady she always use to eat out daily then one day she started bringing her lunch then I noticed she didnt bring it every day then she started skipping lunch altogether. Im very observant and I knew something was wrong. I treated her to lunch one day and she shared some of what she was going through. And I will just say you never know what a co worker is going through. And the smallest gesture could make their day. A cup of coffee, a ride home to one you know that walks and you are going that way, and yes something as simple as a lunch, that she saved half of even though I could tell she wanted to eat it all but I knew it would probably be tomorrows lunch for her or dinner. Having a job these days doesnt mean you eat every day, sad but true.
  10. Invite a family over for dinner that is in your network rather its co worker, church family, or even your family that may be struggling to make the ends meet right now. I have done this many times and it means alot trust me. Pride can be something else sometimes but their are many ways to help someone without them having to hurt their pride.
  11. Barber / Stylist - Cut or style someone who is unemployed and seeking employment and has an interview to go to.
  12. Freecycle things or place them on craigslists free section over throwing them out, someone could have a need for the items if you don't want them.
  13.  Help start a project to benefit a cause you love or support
  14. Sponsor a local group by letting them use a resource that you have that could help them with their project. I had a friend who let a local mentor program of girls hold a car wash at his place of business
  15. Hvac guy fixed heat for a family who had no heat , they could not afford the costs to get it fixed he heard of their need and helped them all he was out of was the gas he used getting their which they gave back and paid for parts. To his surpise the thank you card the wife mailed him later had $200 in it. He did what he could and he blessed them and then they did what they could and later blessed him back.
These are some suggested thus far. What are some of your suggestions?? 

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  1. I started a Thanksgiving Dinner drive at my job about three years ago. The staff in my building donate food and gift cards to help feed families who by the end of the month have run out of resources. This is our third year and we have feed over 1000 people. This year I adopted a family at work for Christmas: a mother with two daughters. I had so much fun shopping for them-it took me back to when I was a single mother with two small girls. It put the Christ in Christmas for me. When the mom and the older girl came to pick up their stuff, the mom cried and the 5 year-old gave me her Hello Kitty wallet filled with change (almost $1.00 she said, with pride). I told her to keep it and buy a present for someone else. "Santa" would be proud of her. They both gave me a big hug. It was the best part of Christmas and the whole process filled me with holiday spirit. This too will become an annual event for me. Thanks for allowing me to share.