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Shrinkage & 7 Styles Challenge ( Closed )

Congrats to Kelly R our winner !!
Entry: Santasha
This is the perfect example of what is needed to enter the 7 Styles Challenge Only

Shrinkage & 7 Styles Challenge
Two chances to win... You may enter ONE or BOTH of these challenges...You do the same things to qualify for both so once you do one of them all you need to do is submit the correct photo for the other if you want to enter both :) simple as 1.2.3 ...1. Like pages 2. Share the two albums 3. Submit photo.

Challenge #1 .. Shrinkage challenge...Submit a photo that shows your shrinkage on the same head. You can choose to do it with or without heat that is up to you, it just needs to show your shrinkge on one side of your head and your length on the other. You can stretch it down with your hand, band it, flat iron or any way you desire to show shrinkage on one side and your length on the other.

Example I found on the Internet not an entry
This is the perfect example of an entry for the shrinkage challenge only

Challenge #2 .. 7 Styles challenge... Submit a photo collage that shows you rocking your natural hair in 7 different styles. ** If entering 1 & 2 make sure you have all the needed pics in your collage.
( Yes , you may use new pics, older ones or a mixture of both well as it can be at current length or at any stage during your natural journey )

Again you can enter one or the other or do is up to you !! . Ends 9/30/12 11:59pm

Entry: Nevaeh
This is the perfect example for entering BOTH the 7 Styles Challenge & the Shrinkage Challenge. Make your collage and then put it side by side with your shrinkage shot like above or you may also add the shrinkage shot to the main collage if thats easher for you .

This challenge hosted by Glam Squad Promotions and sponsored by several great sponsors: 7Evolution is sponsoring prize #1 (1) Natural Tee of your choice, winner chosen by Random.Org. And for prize pack #2 on the 7 Styles challenge we have a huge prize pack for one lucky winner from several co sponsors  7Evolution as well as Gemini SunshineYour Style IncSherita's Hair Temple, DIY Hair & Skin Products, Hairitage Hydration, and Jazzy Juju Bee, winner chosen by sponsors, hosts, and guest judges on challenge #2 details below
Who can enter?
~ This challenge is open to the U.S.& Canada and will now also be Internationally*.
~ All age ranges may enter, those under 18 years of age must have parents permission.
~You must be able to provide the information needed to receive your items.
~Men/Boys and Women/Girls are both welcome to do this contest we welcome and encourage everyone .

Questions were asked:Can I enter with siserlocs ? Yes indeed .. Locs, Sisterlocs, Dreads, ....You can rock your natural hair in any form !!
                                               What about protective styles or a weave? Yes its allowed if hat is part of your journey and styling but the majority of them need to show you rocking your natural hair, but yes that is fine as well ..
                                               So can it be various natural styles I've had? Yes you can show the length throughout your journey with your styles as well as if you went from being faded up, twa, fro, twist outs, pressed out, braided up, locs, etc... If you went through all those sure you can reflect it in your photos.
                                               I  wanted to know can I use older photos ? Yes.. This challenge takes less than 10 minutes to enter and complete, especially when using older pics or pics you already have on your phone, social network, or computer...
                              Can I enter just the Shrinkage Challenge? Yes
                                              I only wanted to enter the 7 Styles Challenege? Yes, you can do just that one
                                              Can I enter both or can you only do one ? You can enter BOTH
                                              Can I enter my child? grandchild? my little cousin Yes with parents permission minors can enter, and each seperate person can enter. So yes a mom can enter and still enter her child, etc... You can enter anyone that has given you their permission or consent to do so and approval from the parent or grandparent of a minor child.
                                              My hair is short, I keep it faded, bald, twa would I be able to enter? Yes indeed ... Come show us how you rock it !

Any other questions I get I will post them here in case others have the same questions.

How do you enter? 1.Simply Like/Add all of the following pages below (You can click them right from the list below with ease from here) , 2. share both the prize album and the contest photo album on your facebook page (both clickable as well so that you can quickly do it from here)  and then just 3. submit your photo that you want to enter ( Yes you can use photos you already have in your collage). & THAT'S IT nothing else left for you to do. We will choose the winners at the end of the challenge! Your photo will be added to the album(s) and all the judges will vote at the end of the challenge. So come show us some of your favorite natural styles you rock and enter to win some very awesome prizes worth over $300+ from some great sponsors.. Be sure to do all 3 steps which should take you less than 10 minutes to complete once you have all the photos that you want to use, missing one will disqualify you. Questions? Just ask :)  ..You have until September 30th :) to like or add the 10 pages below, share 2 albums above and submit your photo for the challenge. Super quick, Super easy & a great way to cross promote if you do a blog, YT, groups, facebook pages etc... Just make sure any text you add doesn't block any of the photos. Come show us how you rock your natural beauty !!
  1. Glam Squad Promotions   ( New)
  2. 7Evolution
  3. Gemini Sunshine
  4. DIY Hair & Face Products
  5. Your Style Inc
  6. Jazzy Juju Bee 
  7. Hairitage Hydration
  8. The Naturally Beautiful Page ( New )
  9. Sherita's Hair Temple
  10. The Naturally Beautiful Group

You may submit photos in from  NOW  up until September 30th , 2012 11:59pm . Entries will only be accepted via my inbox or email , DO NOT tag me in the photo, you must send it in via FB inbox or email.

For Challenge #1 ... Winner chosen via Random.Org

For Challenge # 2 ... Each sponsor, guest judge and myself will have TWO votes that we can use, they may pick their top two entries OR the twist is they may give BOTH of their votes to one entry, any entry who gets both votes from any of the judges will also get a bonus vote for every judge that gives any entry both their votes. The judges will also be required to comment on those they voted for. The entry with the most votes from all the judges will win, in case of a tie, all the judges will revote between those entries that have tied up using the same voting method. The winner will be announced the following Friday after the challenge has stopped.

What do you win???... Im glad you asked :)

Prize Pack #1 - Shrinkage Challenge

(1) Natural Tee from 7Evolution   & (1) Natural Hair Workbook

Prize Pack #2            YES THE WINNER OF CHALLENGE #2 GETS IT ALL :)
-7Evolution - (1) Tee of your choice & ( 1 ) Miss Jessie's  Product (1) Natural Hair Workbook
-Gemini Sunshine - 7 Pc Crochet Set : Hat, Earrings, 3 Bangels, Ring, Small Crossbody Purse
-DIY Hair & Skin Products - 3 Full Size Soaps ( Black raspberry vanilla, Chocolate delight, Pink frosted cupcakes )
-Hairitage Hydration - 4oz Cocoaloe & 2oz Rich Amazon Butter
-Your Style Inc -  $35 Gift Certificate
-Sherita's Hair Temple - 8oz Natural Shampoo & 4oz Conditioner ( leave In )
-Jazzy Juju Bee - All I can say is wow... Over 8 Items from a 3pc perfume set, Remy closure,    Natural hair products, Lashes, Jewelry, and more...
**  You will receive 7 packages, each prize pack will be shipped directly from each of the 7 sponsors for this one.

Check out all the awesome prizes here

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Judges: Be sure to go and check out our judges when you get time alot of them have some awesome products & services.
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Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. In accepting the prize(s), the winner acknowledges that Glam Squad Promotions/Glam Squad / Glam Squad Expo or The Naturally Beautiful hair group / events , on the journey back to me fitness group or the admin or creators of those groups may not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using these prize(s). This contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws.  This contest is international. You must be 18 years of age or older or have your parents’ permission to enter. Each person may enter for prize 1 and for prize 2 one time each.  Failure to respond or submit required information shall mean that the winner forfeits the prize.  Information should be submitted within 72 hours of winner being announced. Items will be sent 1st class with delivery confirmation. Winners outside of the USA may have to pay the custom fees for products shipped from the United States. We are not responsible nor will items held or taken by customs be replaced.   I reserve the right to alter , change, end, extend and throw in fun contest twists and additions with notifications listed or updated on video, audio and/or text I AM NOT LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, INJURY OR UNHAPPINESS TO PERSONS. This challenge is in no way associated with Face book, Twitter, or any other entity unless otherwise specified. This blog reserves the right to obtain names and email addresses and re post the photos submitted for entry into the contest , as well as the right to publicize the winner's names and photographs. All photos submitted must be family friendly and not have any copyright issues or you must have permission to submit them into the contest. Photos entered into the contest will also be used in promotions to promote and bring awareness regarding the challenge.. Challenge ends 9/30/12

Entry: Shay at Mainly Braids

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