Thursday, December 08, 2011

Contest : Tis The Season Contest ... (Closed )

Congrats to Princess Nevaeh

Contest is now closed...Ended 12/31/2011 @ 11:59pm.. Winner announced via Facebook 1/3/12

 Late entries ARE allowed ! 

Who can enter? 
Anyone 18+ ( or with parents permission)
Live in the USA

How do I enter?
My 5 main networking links are listed/linked ----> , Facebook Profile, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook Group and this Blog . Add/Like/Sub/Follow ...Must do at least 3 and even better if you did all 5. Then comment on this orginal blog contest post " ENTER ME "

Okay I've entered, How do I win?
It's simple, Tis The Season contest is all about giving back, so we are going to give back by showing our sponsors, vendors, small businesses and entrepreneurs some love on this holiday season and help them build their fanpages up. The contest is simple, once you have entered above you simply copy and paste all four sponsor links ( or the links of your choice of the four)  and send it out to your network ( All they have to do is LIKE the page and copy and paste the following on the walls                     " Glamsquad &( Your name ) Sent Me !! " ... Thats it !! Simple as copy/click/paste .. ( one like & wall comment/vote per screen name per person)..

** Get creative with how to get the links out to your network. Utilize not only your network but the network of some of your family/friends/ and cyber contacts... Utilizing all of your social media pages to get hits .. As well as you can also upload a photo, a video etc... to the sponsor page and send your network to it etc.. Clickable banners that you can make at  or whatever other creative idea you have to get your network to support you .

Sponsor links... 


What kicks the bonus items into play??
If you win that particular page, you get the bonus if that sponsors page hits 1K or more Likes..\  So if the ones you win hit 1K you get those extra goodies !! No 1k or more no bonus items.

THE WINNER ... And recap of the new twists and changes...

Im about to remix this contest.. ( 12/14) We are gonna throw a twist or two up in this here contest.........

AS OF 12/14 ....You can still continue to send out all four links to your network and continue doing what you have been doing, and your network is still do the same thing which is like the sponsor page, and comment on the wall  " Glamsquad & ( your name ) Sent Me " ...

The twist is this.. THE WINNER OF THAT SPONSORS PAGE GETS THAT PRIZE ONLY... SO YESSSSSSSSSSS THEIR COULD BE FOUR DIFFERENT WINNERS... as well as ONE PERSON COULD STILL TAKE IT ALL HOME IF THEY WIN EVERY PAGE... AND YES YOU CAN CHOOSE TO PROMOTE THE LINKS YOU CHOOSE.  MOST people are gonna shoot for the whole prize pack sending out all four links to their network.. But if you only are interested in one or two particular prize packs then you are in luck, because you only win the prize pack for the pages that you get the majority for, so this is gonna shake it up a bit :) ... So get creative and get those hits..

NEXT... The contest will be extended to 12/31/2011 at 11:59 and late entries are still allowed up until the very end...

And Last ... The bonus for each prize pack is still only given if that particular page hits 1K or more...
You still enter the same, and all other things still apply etc...unless otherwise noted.

Want a easier way to get the links out to the people...Check this clickable banner with the links on it and the tagline " " ... all you have to do is post it out for your network , and all they have to do is  click, like, comment ... You can also go and create a custom one with your photo on it .

** Get creative with ... You are more than welcome to upload your picture to the sponsors page and send your network to like the page, and comment your pic with the tag line, whatever puts you over the top... lots of creative ideas you can do to get support from your network !..

* Gemini Sunshine - Will mail your prizes directly to you due to you being able to pick any Hat/Earring set of your choice from her site or a custom set and the bonus item will be a pair of earrings from the site only if the bonus is hit.

 Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. In accepting the prize(s), the winner acknowledges that Glam Squad Promotions/Glam Squad / Glam Squad Expo or The Naturally Beautiful hair group may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize(s). This contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws. Contest open to Continental U.S. only and you must be 18 years of age or older or have your parents’ permission. Only one entry per person for this contest. Failure to respond or submit required information shall mean that the winner forfeits the prize and another winner will be selected. I reserve the right to alter , change, end, extend and throw in fun contest twists  and additions with notifications listed or updated on video, audio and/or text I AM NOT LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, INJURY OR UNHAPPINESS TO PERSONS.


  1. I'm finished/Enter me

  2. Note: Update to contest.. For those who have already entered .. Their has been a link/sponsor change, please adjust accordingly .. Your votes/comments for the other sponsor will be counted on the count so no worries, for the 5 of you for all your votes prior to this post. Do change to the correct link going forward and delete the incorrect info.. Do not direct anyone to the Pure Beauty No Lye, ... Bella Earth Naturals will now be taking that slot. New video up and the blog and about me pages are all updated.



  3. I have completed all 5 enter me please.

  4. Ladies check for the update and new contest twists.. You 8 can continue as you have been it doesn't effect how you promote if thats whats working for you , but the twists actually makes it a bit easier and steps it up a notch.. Goodluck.. and do note its been extended to 12/31.